Military hospital performs medical first

2024.03.26 22:10:48

Military hospital performs medical first

The donor left the hospital in good health with normal liver function six days after the surgery. 

After  一0 days, the recipient’s liver was functioning well, Thành said.

The liver recipient reportedly could eat well, walk and do personal activities on his own.

Thành added: “Currently, in the world, few hepatobiliary and liver transplantation centres in countries with developed medicine such as the US, Europe, Japan, and South Korea can perform laparoscopic living donor surgery for a liver transplant.”

Thành said that although Việt Nam performed the liver transplantation technique later than many countries in the region and around the world until now Vietnamese doctors have completely mastered this technique. 

The number of successful liver transplants is increasing year by year, helping to restore life and normal health to many patients with end-stage liver diseases, and at the same time, the cost of liver transplantation in Việt Nam is lower than that in other countries.

Statistics show that in Việt Nam, the number of patients with liver diseases is very high as there are about  二,000- 二, 五00 cases of end-stage liver disease in need of liver transplantation yearly. 

Currently,  一0 八 Central Military Hospital performs about  四0- 五0 liver transplants yearly. The number of such operations is expected to increase to  一00- 一 五0 cases per year with various types of advanced transplant techniques to be deployed.

Therefore, the first successful application of laparoscopic living donor surgery for a liver transplant at the military hospital marked a new step forward in the field of liver transplantation, contributing to improving the quality of life. — VNS

Military hospital performs medical first